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I started off my career when I was 23 teaching 6th grade reading at Carpenter Elementary School in Plano, having just finished my student teaching at Carlisle Elementary School in Plano. The next year I taught 3rd grade at Stultz Road Elementary in Richardson. I started studying for the LSAT law school admission test after my second year of teaching. My mother is an attorney and has been practicing in Plano for 30 years, and as much as I loved teaching, I was very excited to purse the practice of law. During law school I obtained internships in three areas of law that were of interest to me, criminal law, school law and family law, to help me evaluate which path was right for me. When I secured my criminal law internship at the Denton County District Attorney's Office I was sold!

Criminal law was very similar to teaching in that I felt as if I could really help people and families through my work and that was always a driving force for me. Through Juvenile criminal law I have found a way to continue working with children and their parents, which I really enjoy. Over the years, I have learned that practicing criminal defense successfully requires a great deal of passion, compassion, empathy, sympathy and caretaking.

My job also requires measured responses, a calm nature, the ability to listen intently for long periods of time, to evaluate different perspectives, to respect different perspectives, to work long hard hours, to analyze and pay attention to very small details, to put together a good plan and a good team, to investigate thoroughly, to persuade, to negotiate and then to be able to walk away from work and have fun and relax. The pay off, when a case is resolved well, and a client is happy or relieved, is priceless. Not all resolutions are happy in my line of work, but that is when I work hard to be a strong, steady and knowledgeable presence to help my client find their way through a rough time.

I spent many years doing court appointed work and what bothered me the most about this work was that I did not have time to give the client what they needed. I always felt I was coming up short, not because I lacked skill, but because the volume of work was unrealistic for the personalized care wanted to provide on each case. I redefined my business practice mission 6 years ago and set about a goal to provide quality criminal defense to only private retained clients in Collin and Dallas County, being reasonable on pricing, and generous on my time and attention to clients. This mission has served me well and I enjoy my practice more now than I ever have. My clients are happy, I am happy, and we work together on a plan of action for their case.

I live in Plano with my husband and son, who is in fifth grade.  We have a black lab Winnie,  a golden retriever Charlie and our cat Zach.  I have lived in Plano for 35 years and attended Shepton and Plano Senior High School. I love yoga, running, weights, water skiing, snow skiing, golf and going to New York.  My great loves in life are my son, my husband, criminal defense and Plano. I love this city and will be here representing clients from Collin and Dallas always. Looking back on my 20 year career, I know that being a criminal defense attorney in my hometown of Plano was what I was meant to do! I have provided information on this website about the history of Casey Davis Law, Criminal Defense Firm, my experience, my criminal training, my criminal course work, my criminal case results and my jury trial statistics so that you can get to know my qualifications. The most important advice to you or your friend or loved one who is facing criminal trouble is to hire a professional, passionate, hard-working lawyer with the right experience and demonstrated track record of success right away. In many situations, delay can cause great harm to your criminal circumstances.

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Client Reviews
Casey provided great advice on how to navigate through the legal system. As a former Prosecutor, she was able to let us know what the process is on the prosecution side. I believe having both knowledge of the defense side and the prosecution legal system got our case dismissed. The advice she gave on creating a packet for the grand jury helped our case and got it dismissed. I highly recommend hiring Casey for her work and advice. RP
Casey Davis is by far one of the best attorneys in the DFW metroplex. Mrs. Davis was very professional and courteous in handling my both of my cases. She was able to have both of my cases thrown out (No Bill) because she was well prepared and informed. Casey services are very affordable and she will fight for you with an aggressive and passionate spirit. I would recommend Casey Davis to anyone that is looking for JUSTICE and RESPECT. Cornell
Casey is an exceptional lawyer. She is there to work with you and hear your side. She is understanding and utilizes all her resources. She takes the facts and uses them to your advantage. She wants to help you win and gets it done! I can not praise her enough. She took charge, always communicated what was happening, and cleared all the wrongful accusations that were made against me. Michelle
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With vast experience prosecuting and defending crimes, Casey Davis Law has a proven track record of securing dismissals, grand jury no bills, not guilty verdicts, reduction of charges and agreements on declining to prosecute. Contact Casey today to discuss your legal options and get help with your case immediately.