Class C Tickets

Have you Received a Class C Ticket in the City of Frisco? 

I handle all types of Frisco Class C tickets including: assault by threat and assault by contact.  You do not want to go through life with one of these charges on your record, which can happen if you do not get an attorney’s help in handling your ticket right away.

You should not plead guilty without having an criminal lawyer review the facts surrounding your ticket, obtain evidence, and review all of your options with you.  Once hired I will enter a letter of representation on your behalf, set the case on an attorney docket, monitor all issues that arise in your case and determine the best course of action for your City of Frisco Class C ticket.

It is imperative that your case is handled correctly so that you remain eligible to have your case expunged from your record as soon as possible. A class C ticket will stay on your criminal record forever unless properly expunged.  It is very important that you have your case evaluated by an attorney familiar with how to properly work an assault family violenc ticket before you enter any plea on your ticket, miss any court appearance or speak to the Judge or City Attorney.

You have 10 to 20 days from the date of your ticket or arrest to appear in front of the City of Frisco Municipal Court Judge to determine how you want to handle your case. Even if you are arrested and bond out, you still have to report back to the Judge within 10 to 20 days. If you do not want to plead guilty to your class C ticket in Frisco, you will be scheduled to see the City of Frisco attorney assigned to your case. It is never a good idea to meet with the Frisco city attorney by yourself, you can do damage to your case without even realizing what you have done.

The City of Frisco Municipal Court system is made up of Judges and city attorneys that are employed by the City of Frisco. These Judges and city attorney’s prosecute or preside over all Class C arrests made or tickets issued in the City of Frisco. 

If you do not timely appear within 10 to 20 days of being ticketed or arrested, a warrant will be issued for your arrest and you will have to locate money to post bond in order to get out of jail. If you cannot afford to post bond, you may have to sit out your Frisco class C ticket through jail time at the City of Frisco jail and end up with a criminal conviction that can never be removed from your record. Class C tickets are the least serious of all the misdemeanors, but can have long lasting negative effects on your record if not handled properly. Please contact me today at my Plano office regarding your Class C case.

Client Reviews
Casey provided great advice on how to navigate through the legal system. As a former Prosecutor, she was able to let us know what the process is on the prosecution side. I believe having both knowledge of the defense side and the prosecution legal system got our case dismissed. The advice she gave on creating a packet for the grand jury helped our case and got it dismissed. I highly recommend hiring Casey for her work and advice. RP
Casey Davis is by far one of the best attorneys in the DFW metroplex. Mrs. Davis was very professional and courteous in handling my both of my cases. She was able to have both of my cases thrown out (No Bill) because she was well prepared and informed. Casey services are very affordable and she will fight for you with an aggressive and passionate spirit. I would recommend Casey Davis to anyone that is looking for JUSTICE and RESPECT. Cornell
Casey is an exceptional lawyer. She is there to work with you and hear your side. She is understanding and utilizes all her resources. She takes the facts and uses them to your advantage. She wants to help you win and gets it done! I can not praise her enough. She took charge, always communicated what was happening, and cleared all the wrongful accusations that were made against me. Michelle
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With vast experience prosecuting and defending crimes, Casey Davis Law has a proven track record of securing dismissals, grand jury no bills, not guilty verdicts, reduction of charges and agreements on declining to prosecute. Contact Casey today to discuss your legal options and get help with your case immediately.