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If your criminal case requires a jury trial you need a criminal trial attorney who understands the complexities of trying a case to a jury including: conducting a proper investigation; selecting a jury; cross examining states witnesses and experts; hiring defense experts and mental health professionals; making proper objections to preclude the state from entering unlawful evidence in front of the jury and protecting the record for an appeal. A good criminal trial attorney begins preparing your case for trial from day one so that if plea negotiations are unsuccessful and no other resolution can be reached in your case; she is ready to fight for your best interests in front of a jury. Sharon Easley and Casey Davis are trial attorneys who are skilled in all aspects of criminal jury trials and ready to see that justice is done for you in the courtroom.If you feel your case requires a trial, contact our office immediately at (214) 882 - 5350 to schedule a free consultation with a member of our criminal defense team.