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Casey Davis has over 13 years combined trial experience as a prosecutor for the State of Texas and as a Plano criminal lawyer for those wrongfully accused of a crime. Casey understands how to properly maneuver the criminal justice system and apply her experience as a prosecutor to secure the best possible outcome in your case. With her extensive jury trial experience, Casey understands the importance of thorough preparation and a skilled presence in the court room.

Jury Trial

Criminal trials present very complicated issues and it is important that you hire a trial lawyer with the proper skills to handle such complexities including: conducting a proper investigation; selecting a jury; cross examining states witnesses and experts; hiring defense experts and mental health professionals; making proper objections to preclude the state from entering unlawful evidence in front of the jury and protecting the record for an appeal. An experienced trial lawyer, Casey Davis is ready to take your case to trial if justice requires.

Plea Negotiations

Some criminal cases are more suited for a plea negotiation. In other cases, you may feel that your case is worthy of a dismissal or a reduction to a lesser offense. In these circumstances, you need a defense attorney who is a skilled negotiator and who understands how to work with the prosecution to secure the best outcome possible in your case. You need a Plano criminal attorney who will timely present evidence or facts to the prosecutor to support your claim and work diligently until justice is done. An experienced prosecutor and defense attorney, Casey Davis knows how to quickly ascertain the best course of action for your criminal case and will begin working immediately to resolve your case.

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Whether you are charged with DWI, assault, domestic violence, or a more serious first or second degree felony, Casey will leave no stone unturned when she investigates your case, prepares your case for a jury trial or presents your case to a grand jury. Contact Casey today to discuss your legal options with a Plano criminal lawyer and get help with your case immediately.

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With vast experience prosecuting and defending crimes, Casey Davis Law has a proven track record of aggressive and successful plea negotiating, grand jury and jury trial representation. Contact Casey today to discuss your legal options and get help with your case immediately.