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Assault/Family Violence

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Assault As an ex-prosecutor, Casey Davis has vast experience handing assault and family violence assault trials. Sharon Easley, through her trial and family law work over the past 25 years, has extensive experience dealing with these types of cases as well. They possess the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively handle your assault case. If you have been arrested for or charged with assault you need to contact us immediately to ensure that your rights are protected. Assault cases can be very sensitive and often times affect the lives of siblings, parents, significant others, wives, husbands or other family members. Having the police called to your home or a public location and being arrested can be very scary and stressful to you and your family. Many times, there are alternative ways to handle your assault case that will protect your record. Casey and Sharon are trial lawyers experienced at negotiating assault cases, identifying and challenging weaknesses in the State’s case, and taking a case to a jury if necessary. If you are facing assault charges contact our office immediately (972) 715-1929 to schedule a free consultation with a member of our criminal defense team. 

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