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  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Constitutional Law
  • Evidence
  • Texas Criminal Law
  • Texas Criminal Procedure
  • Texas Rules of Evidence
  • Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure
  • Texas Criminal Law Practicum
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Legal Analysis Research and Writing
  • Trial Advocacy Practicum with Criminal Case Focus
  • Mock Trial Competition with Criminal Case Focus
  • Texas Legal Research Practicum with Criminal Case Focus
Criminal Training
  • Trial College – Center for American and International Law, Plano, Texas
  • Felony Boot Camp – Training by Tarrant County Senior Felony Chief Prosecutors
  • Monthly CLE and In House training by various Senior Tarrant County Prosecutors
  • ECFS, implementation of paperless case management, training by Tarrant County Technical Prosecutor
  • Grand Jury performance, training by Tarrant County Chief of Grand Jury
  • Trial, Case Management, Motion Preparation, and Court performance, on the job training by Chief of Misdemeanor and assigned felony court chief
  • Baby Prosecutor School
Criminal Case Results

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a Collin County criminal lawyer is their past case results. This is a great indicator of the work they are capable of and will try to accomplish for you. After 17 years of working criminal cases, Casey understands her job requires creativity, thinking outside the box and a custom tailored approach to each client's case. When you hire Casey she will work closely with you to make sure every possible option is considered in your case and she will do everything in her power to achieve the best outcome possible.

When you hire a Collin County criminal defense lawyer you must consider this: there will come a time when your case is resolved, and you may be thrilled with the outcome, but sometimes you may not. Regardless of the outcome of your case, when the time comes to face that outcome, you must know one thing for sure, “I am 100% certain that my criminal lawyer did everything possible to obtain the best outcome in my case”. With Casey Davis you get that level of certainty and comfort and so much more.

When you hire a criminal defense lawyer in Collin County you must also consider that you may be working with this Collin County lawyer for one to two years, depending on the nature of your case. You want to be sure you hire someone you like, trust and feel comfortable with, because this lawyer will be learning a lot of intimate and personal details about you, your family and your life.

When Casey is approaching a Collin County criminal case she has five major ideas in her mind at the outset: no bill, not guilty, dismissal, reduction or declined prosecution. From there she goes on to consider pre-trial diversion, deferred adjudication and damage control or mitigation of punishment. Within each consideration, she will plot out a plan for her client’s criminal case and guide her client on what they must do to assist her in their defense including a plan of action addressing areas such as: counseling, classes, course work, drug testing, NA or AA attendance, rehab, employment, living situation, no contact with certain people, family support, support of friends, collecting of documents, photos, letters and family history. Casey debriefs your entire life when she works with you so that she can identify any areas she can utilize to help succeed in the desired outcome for your case.

Casey is very skilled at navigating the Collin County criminal system to achieve the best result in your case. Her passion is providing quality criminal defense to Plano and Dallas residents. She goes above and beyond for her clients and works hard to help her clients during a very stressful time in their lives. She loves that her job allows her to help people in need and knows that she was meant to be a criminal defense lawyer in her hometown of Plano.

Click here to see Casey’s criminal case results where she has secured not guilty, no bill, dismissal, reduction and declined prosecution results for clients.

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Client Reviews
Casey provided great advice on how to navigate through the legal system. As a former Prosecutor, she was able to let us know what the process is on the prosecution side. I believe having both knowledge of the defense side and the prosecution legal system got our case dismissed. The advice she gave on creating a packet for the grand jury helped our case and got it dismissed. I highly recommend hiring Casey for her work and advice. RP
Casey Davis is by far one of the best attorneys in the DFW metroplex. Mrs. Davis was very professional and courteous in handling my both of my cases. She was able to have both of my cases thrown out (No Bill) because she was well prepared and informed. Casey services are very affordable and she will fight for you with an aggressive and passionate spirit. I would recommend Casey Davis to anyone that is looking for JUSTICE and RESPECT. Cornell
Casey is an exceptional lawyer. She is there to work with you and hear your side. She is understanding and utilizes all her resources. She takes the facts and uses them to your advantage. She wants to help you win and gets it done! I can not praise her enough. She took charge, always communicated what was happening, and cleared all the wrongful accusations that were made against me. Michelle
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With vast experience prosecuting and defending crimes, Casey Davis Law has a proven track record of securing dismissals, grand jury no bills, not guilty verdicts, reduction of charges and agreements on declining to prosecute. Contact Casey today to discuss your legal options and get help with your case immediately.